New Student Enrollment

The Integrated Islamic Primary School (SDIT) Al-Muzzamil open the enrollment for the new students of the academic year 2010-2011. For the information, please contact the committee at: 021.8473883. Preambule: The integrated islamic primary school (SDIT) Al-Muzzammil is a formal educational institution built by The Jam’iyatul Ummah in cooperation with Raudhatul ‘Ilmi, Jati Asih-Bekasi – west Java as an executor of the primary school.


As the main choice to develop, achievement and good manner.



1. Creating the excellent generation.

2. Carrying the education which is able to answer the social challenge.

3. Making a pious, disciplined, honest, and responsible generation male or female.

4. Building and develop achievement and interest, talent and achievement

5. Making Al-Muzzammil the the integrated islamic primary school as the main choice in education.


The Guiders:

Al-Muzzammil, The integrated islamic primary school is taken and guided by the educational experts through the university.


The curriculum of Al-Muzzammil is a mixed of some curriculum as follow:

1. Curriculum of National Education based on KTSP covers math, science, social, Bahasa Indonesia, English, Health and Physical Education and KTK

2. Internal Curriculum that covers aqidah and manner, Al-Qur’an-hadits, Islamic History, Fiqh, Arabic, Computer, Tahfizh (target 2 chapters), Reciting Quran.

3.Life skill Curriculum covers scout, horsing, self defend, swimming, nasyid and play(drama) Facilities A representative school building, mosque, library, sport facility, UKS, counseling, catering, air conditioned computer lab.



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